ITALERI - modellismo in scala dal 1962

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Dear Friends,

we are proud to show you the preview of our new incoming 1:35 scale model kit dedicated to the Type S-38 Schnellboot, the famous fast attack craft used by the German Navy during the Second World War. Now we are happy to share with you the pictures of our final assembly tests  Our new scale model kit will be characterised, as our latest production,  by the highest level of quality and details. The new kit will include photo-etched details able to ensure the highest realism level.

The new Kit (num. 5620) will be available from the first part of December.

Historical Profile

Between the two World Wars, several Mlitary Navy launched programs dedicated to develop fast crafts able to perform patrol and attack duties. New engines and technological solutions were able to guarantee, compared to the First World War torpedo boats, improved performances and better operation efficency.  The German Kriegsmarine developed the famous fast affack craft S-Class during the 1930's. Among the most famous Schnellboot we can point out the S-38 version. Produced in 100 units, it had a lenght of 35 meters and a displacement, full load, of over 100 tons. Thanks to its 12 cylinders Daimler Benz engines the S-38 was able to reach a speed of 39.5 knots. Armed with two 533 mm. torpedo tubes it adopted several type of defensive guns. Some of S-38 used the very appreciate 40 mm. Bofors gun. Caputered by Germans during the first years of the War it proved to be a very effective and powerful naval weapon ever more appreciate than the German ones. On the S-38 reliable tech base the S-100 was developed some years later. 


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